Wooden Clocks by Graham Smith

Graham Smith sent us these photos of some of the many wooden clocks that he designed using CadStd Pro and built himself. He gives them as gifts to his friends. He explains:

"The feedback I get when people see them is enough. People are amazed. And they keep good time. They have to be wound about every 5-7 days. Changes in humidity can cause them to stop as parts swell and shrink, but most of the time they just run."

"All of the parts are 'hand made'. Several years ago I built (using guidance from several websites) a CNC machine. So even when I use the machine to cut parts I think of it as 'hand made' because the machine is 'hand made' (see the photo). The bearings are bronze and turned on my micro lathe."

An example of one of his clockwork mechanisms can be seen here in PDF or CadStd formats.

Wooden Clockwork
Bamboo Clock
Wooden CNC Machine
Oak Clock

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