Joystrings Dogwood Rosette

Alan & Kathy Chattaway wrote:

This is a "rosette" (decorative sound hole) that is laser-cut into the front surface of a new type of harp that my wife is now having manufactured here in Canada. The rosette is 3.25 inches across and features a ring of hearts made from two intersecting rings of semicircles and a dogwood flower (symbol of British Columbia) which, depending how you look at it, also contains the Celtic cross (the one with the circle at the centre to symbolize eternity).

Click here to see the rosette.cad (17K) file
(You will need to install CadStd Lite or CadStd Pro before viewing the .cad file)

After an intensive year of effort by my wife and myself, our new musical instrument called the Joystrings Harp is now in production! And our new website just went online. You'll remember that I bought CadStd Pro to design a rosette for this instrument. Take a look at our website at

and look especially at the "Harp Models" page, where you'll see two views of the rosette. This was laser-cut from the DXF file exported by CadStd Pro.

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